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Sosei Heptares, Cambridge

Global biotechnology company Sosei Heptares moved to a brand new state-of-the art 35,000sq ft facility just outside of Cambridge and we had the pleasure of working alongside Cambridgeshire-based dealer Think Thorne to install an array of Lagoon furniture ready for the grand opening of the building in late 2018.

The client had three spaces for us to furnish and came with a clear vision of what they wanted aesthetically as well as a brief of how the spaces would be used.

For the staff canteen, four Lagoon Media Booths were specified with quilted fabric backs and a durable faux leather on the seats in different colours to create an Opal Fruits-esque colour scheme. The idea was to give the booths a soft and warm look with the fabric whilst providing a practical solution on the seats that would wear well within a dining environment.

Within an office space, a simple Lagoon Meeting Sofa Set was proposed so that small groups could to get together for quick and spontaneous informal meetings when required.

Finally, we created some custom Lagoon elements for two compact glass meeting rooms. These rooms were to host one-to-one meetings and also act as phone booths for individuals. The seating was designed with tall backs and plenty of padding in order to fill the rooms, optimise the acoustics and offer a warm and inviting pit-stop space.