Meeting Booths: Why Every Open-Plan Workspace Needs Them

High-backed soft seating meeting booths are fast becoming key in driving productivity and improving employee satisfaction within open-plan office spaces and this has led to a dramatic rise in their popularity within the past couple of years.

There’s no doubting the obvious positives of the open-plan design – cost-effectiveness, flexibility, the easy flow of communication and also the adaptability which can cater for changes in personnel numbers – but all too often the same complaints crop up; notably that the noise and chaos of such an environment leads to distraction, a lack of privacy and elevated stress levels among staff.

The great news is that as understanding of working habits evolves, more and more organisations are coming to recognise that their employees need dedicated spaces to carry out not only different tasks but also to suit their individual needs and even differing moods.

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work across the board for diet, fitness or learning, so why should it work for, well, working?

Thankfully, modern office design is shifting towards creating diverse environments that offer a mixture of spaces, zones or ‘neighbourhoods’ that offer unique features which give workers the opportunity to go and work how they wish when they wish.


Meeting Booths = Privacy & Productivity

Casual meeting areas made up of high-backed soft seating booths have become among the most in-demand, particularly for their ability to screen out distraction and noise with optical and acoustic privacy whilst also being incredibly easy to put in place.

Meeting booths are a cheaper and more flexible alternative to fixed meeting rooms which need to be built and are often a waste of space due to being empty for hours every day. Booths, on the other hand, can be moved around, configured in different sizes and can feature different levels of power and media devices to cater for all different group sizes and applications.

As well as looking great and functioning well, meeting booths facilitate creative collaborative processes and even contribute towards improved productivity, and are therefore becoming among the most-requested pieces of furniture for all new and redesigned workspaces across the world.

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