5 Steps For Creating A Reception Area With Style

Reception areas are typically where your visitors will form their first impressions of your company, so it’s important to create a space that is comfortable, inviting and aesthetically pleasing. What’s more, you should aim to go a step further by creating a reception area that expresses your company’s core values through its design, furnishings and interior accessories.

OK, that last statement might sound a bit ambiguous. “How on earth do I do that?” –  you might be asking yourself. Well, keep calm and carry on reading. We’ve put together a simple 5-step plan that’ll tell you how…

1. A Reception Desk That Makes A Statement About Your Company

The desk is the focal point for any reception. It is the first port of call for almost every visitor so should be conspicuous and make a strong statement about the company which it belongs to.

Your reception desk should embody your company’s values. This means a creative agency might use bright colours, whacky design and lots of quirky ornaments and accessories to express itself. A financial firm, on the other hand, would opt for a much more minimalistic theme but should aspire for design quality.

2. Eye-catching, Stylish & Comfortable Seating

Once your visitors have signed in, you will normally ask them to take a seat. This is where they will be hoping to get comfortable, relax and fully take in their surroundings as they wait, so there should be no skimping here.

Modular sofas are by far the most popular choice these days because they allow you to create unique configurations that can be rearranged when required, they allow you to choose from hundreds of colours and tens of fabrics to either match your corporate colours or compliment your interior design theme and they’re damn stylish!

3. Show Off Your Expertise

Just like many famous sports clubs have trophies and memorabilia in their grand reception areas, the best companies use their reception areas to show off their greatest achievements and most memorable work.

This is a brilliant way to show visitors who you are, what you do and why you’re so great!

4. Something to Entertain or Occupy Visitors

Some companies show news on the television, some offer a wealth of reading material and then there’s the special select few who offer puzzles and games for their visitors and, even better, beautiful fish tanks. Either way, this is a great means to help guests relax and kill some waiting time.

5. Refreshments

This pretty much goes without saying. Coffee, coffee, coffee!